Omnivox Box

by Donald Hanson

The Omnivox Box is the circuit board from a Barbie Karaoke machine, completely rehoused in a conveniently sized treasure chest. The main input device is the large knob on the right side of the unit. The 3x4 switch matrix in the center determines the function of the knob. The four smaller switches near the top are different effects that can be placed over the sound. The first one gives everything a faraway sound, like the cutoff filter has been turned very low. The second one makes most sounds of the unit more high pitched. The third one just makes the unit produce more distorted sounds. (There is also one body contact next to each speaker which are a less harsh version of this bend) The fourth one makes sort of an overlay effect when an external sound source is plugged into the input jack. It has a 1/4 inch output jack, and a 1/4 inch input jack, which means it can process outside signals, as well as be plugged into an amp or headphones. Since it has an input jack, it can act as a sort of effect pedal, warping the sound of whatever you plug in, be it a guitar, keyboard or anything. It would be best described as a delay effect. The two LEDs on top are both power indicators.

Features / Controls

  • One large knob who's function is controlled by the 3x4 switch matrix in the middle of the unit.
  • Four Effect Switches:
    • Low Cutoff Filter (Faraway) (Works well with input)
    • Higher Pitch
    • Distortion (Can also be controlled by the body contacts on either side of the speakers)
    • Overlay Input (Echo)
  • 1/4 Inch Output Jack
  • 1/4 Inch Input Jack : Plug another instrument into it, and it becomes a portable amp / effects box. (The sound produced by the box affects the sound the input makes. When no switches are flipped, the box is a clean amp)
  • Two LED Power Indicators.

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