Circles of Space – Audiovisual Installation

by Donald Hanson

This project was a collaboration between Dutch designer Anouk Wipprecht and myself, presented at CODAME Art+Tech in San Francisco. The concept was to create an interactive visualization of personal space using a projector and sensors worn on the body.

Anouk's work often deals with concepts around personal space, and many of her wearable pieces use microcontrollers to react when personal space is invaded. For this collaboration I created an audiovisual program that reacts to the proximity levels of approaching guests. Anouk created a sensor necklace worn by a model, and my program's output was projected down on the floor around the model.

As for the technical side of my program: I created the visualizations in with CSS and JavaScript in a Chromium browser, with NodeJS running to read serial data from the sensors. I used the framework NWJS to connect Node to Chromium.


The proposed concept to visualize.


The visualization in action.

Gif showing a simulation of the approaching person.


Moments before the first demonstration.