Donald Hanson

Bio ☣

Donald Hanson is a digital artist in San Francisco.

Media include electronic music, net-art, VJ, graphic design, circuit-bending and bad 3D.

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Software / Net-Art

  • gifSlap gifSlap logo VJ software using only gifs. Started in 2013, now used by artists internationally.
  • Crawlr Automated web image crawler. Built and set free on Tumblr. Video
  • CSS Scrambler Bookmarklet Lightweight JavaScript bookmarklet for enhancing the webpages you visit. CSS Scrambler Bookmarklet Documentation & Video
  • Cryptoseq cryptoseq Sequences of musical notes generated by cryptography. Demo
  • Directional Sequencer Free form musical note sequencing in 4 directions on a 2D grid. Works with MIDI. Demo Video
  • Tape to MP3 (lazy script) NodeJS script for converting cassettes to MP3s with minimal effort. Source Code
  • Rainbow Table Interactive rainbows on an HTML table. Video


  • Übungsgraum Interactive installation. Lofi pixel smudging & sound synthesis based on participant X/Y/Z positions. Shown at CODAME 2015. Collaboration with Matthew Howell and Jacob Fenwick. Video
  • Circles of Space Interactive installation. Projected visualization of personal space and comfort levels. Shown at CODAME 2015. Collaboration with Anouk Wipprecht. Documentation
  • gifSlap Turnt Up Fashions Digitally printed screenshots on wearable fashion pieces. Shown on runway at Silicon Valley Fashion Week 2015. Collaboration with Tiare Ribeaux. Documentation

Electronic Music Discography

Selected Exhibitions Full List

  • Circles of Space @ Codame 2015
  • Übungsgraum @ Codame 2015
  • gifSlap @ B4BEL4B Ephemeral Vessels 2014

Circuit Bending / Electronics


  • ASCII Dig A procedurally generated 2D digging game. Browser based. Incomplete. Play Online Source Code
  • Booster Use the power of individual conversation to raise city-wide morale. Collaboration with Sebastian Wolfram & Florian Hoenig. Ludum Dare 24


  • Gridwalk Netlabel Cofounder and Webmaster. Gridwalk Netlabel
  • Vico Vault Artist Pseudonym. Vico Vault
  • CODAME Art+Tech Volunteer, Webmaster & Featured Artist since 2013. CODAME Art+Tech
  • Spectrum Electric Electronic Music duo, founders of Gridwalk Netlabel. Spectrum Electric
  • Future Focus Studio Design & Development studio. Hire me for website work! Future Focus